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The listing of Mike Oldfield's singles released in the whole world is incredible long. If we only consider the singles released in Europe we'll find that, to mention all of them here would be a very hard work for me to do and for you to digest, and that is not the essence of this web, again I invite you to have a look at the extensive discographies made by Rainer Münz and Lazlo Nibble.

The Exposed Tour YearsThe issues presented to you on the following pages are, again,  what I consider to be the most official and comprehensive single discography. It is based on the UK releases and special country issues are only mentioned if they are consider essential for a better comprehension.

This discography is mainly formed with 7" and 12" releases. We have to understand that many of the 7" singles were also issued as 12" singles and some were only avaliable as 12" singles or maxi-singles, including the same or more songs and often extended versions. Also we have to take notice that some of them, specially the latest ones, were released as 5" CD-singles and never more in vinyl format. If we took all of this, shake it up, and serve it cold, this is what we have. If you want to know more about country dependant releases, special issues and other stuff, take a look at the rarities page on this web.

One thing we must take in consideration is that, if Virgin made it hard for fans to follow the singles releases flooding the market with 12" issues including extended versions and, what is more, special mixes, WEA's releases are like a good headache for collectors. Most of WEA releases are in CD format and unfortunately and beyond any understanding many of them are only disco and house mixes made by a variety of professional DJ's whose work, which I don't want to criticize here, does nothing to do with Mike's work and will be distinguished with grayed colour. Also, many of WEA 5" CD-singles were issued as two CD-single sets, being, on each set, the second 5" CD-single like a complement of the first.

If  there are any songs in this single discography that are not avaliable in any of the album releases, including compilations,  they will be marked with a red star for a better guiding.