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The Manor

All these scans are ready for CD size artwork, pictures are 24x12 or 12x12 cm at 300 dpi
except for the labels which are natural size at 300 dpi except were indicated

Incantations Vinyl
Incantations poster
click to enlarge (399 KB)

Poster included only in the original release.
By courtesy of Gregory Adams

Incantations label
click to enlarge (118 KB)

Disc label (side one)

QE2 inlay front
click to enlarge (116 KB)
QE2 inlay back
click to enlarge (191 KB)
QE2 label
click to enlarge (74 KB)

Inlay sleeve for storing the LP

Disc label (side two)
150 dpi
By courtesy of Richard Carter
Five Miles Out
Five Miles Out centerfold
click to enlarge (607 KB)


Five Miles Out label
click to enlarge (86 KB)

Disc label (side one)

Islands spine
click to enlarge (158 KB)

CD back cover reworked spine
By courtesy of Simon Long

The HDCD remaster Islands CD features a wrong spine artwork that doesn't fit the
Bell puzzle, Simon has reworked this spine to make it fit perfectly with the others.
Print size is intended to be 11.8 x 0.6 cm

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