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This is the complete songbook of Mike Oldfield. Every word included on each of his songs is avaliable here even those with "fonetical lyrics" and those with slightly but remarkable differences between normal and extended versions.

Although Mike could sing his own songs as he has done in some of his recording, he has never pointed out as a singer, he is a musician, and multi-instrument player doing his best at playing the guitar, so, in most of his recording he has been wrapped around by a wide and very mixed group of male and female singers, some of them doing a short appareance and some being part of his band for years. The complete list of guest vocalists is as follows (alphabetically):

> Adrian Belew
> Amar
> Anita Hegerland
Banging the Bells
Barry Palmer
> Bonnie Tyler
> Camilla Darlow
Cara Dillon
> Carol Kenyon
Chris Thompson
> Hayley Westenra
> Jim Price
Jon Anderson
> Jude Sim
> Kevin Ayers
> Luke Spiller
Maddy Prior
Maggie Reilly
> Martay
> Mark Williamson
> Max Bacon
> Miriam Stockley
> Nikkie "B" Bentley
> Odessa
> Pepsi Demacque
Roger Chapman
Rosa Cedrón
> Tarja Turunen
- Wendy Roberts

In addition to the above singers some other people has collaborated on Mike's recordings with their voices, such as: Aled Jones, Bridget St. John, Clodagh Simonds, David Bedford, David Serame, Greta Hegerland-Oldfield, Janet Brown, Nico Ramsden, Nicola Emmanuel, Sally Bradshaw, Sally Oldfield, Vanessa Branson and Vivian Stanshall among others.