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There are many discographies of Mike Oldfield avaliable, some of them are so detailed and exhaustive than can be confusing for the beginner or for the fan who just wants to have a quick and comprehensible idea of Mike's work over the years. In the other hand, these discographies are unvaluable and of great interest for the serious fan. On the net there are two of this kind that point out over any other, one done by Rainer Münz and the other done by Lazlo Nibble.

Tubular Bells II - The PerformanceThere are also dozens of web sites on the net related to Mike Oldfield, some better that others imho, some of them providing extensive information about Mike's releases like the impressive discography by Richard Carter, and some... quite unuseful, I dare to say.

What I try to do with this discography presented to you on the following pages is to forget most about the incredible variety of country dependant releases, even more if we talk about singles, leave apart banal reissues, special editions, cover differences, and all that kind of stuff, and give you what is, or at least I consider, the most "official" worlwide known discography. Please note that details about special or country dependant editions and reissues are only given if they are considered important for a better comprehension.

The album discography is based on the official CDs released by Virgin and WEA. Another issues such as only vinyl or cassette releases ar not commented here. If you're interested in that, take a look at the full discographies mentioned above or go to the rarities section in this web. Tracks timings are taken directly form the display of the CD player, for that reason they may differ from what is written down on most albums covers, curiosly the difference of timings is sometimes notorius.

Those songs or versions that can only be found on compilations albums, therefore, not included on the normal albums will be marked with a yellow star, live versions of existing studio recordings will be no considered.