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IntrospectiveIn this section you'll find all the covers of every Oldfield's records and videos. These covers are mainly taken from his uk releases and by clicking on each thumbnail you'll get a full true size cover in jpg format.

Most of them are 300 dpi cd covers scans made by me, the rest (most singles and some rarities) are covers gathered from various sites on Internet that had been fixed and improved the best I'm able to do. Unfortunately a few covers have a very poor quality; if you got the originals or better scanned ones of these bad quality covers your contribution will be appreciated. Due to space limitations the covers have been highly compressed in jpeg format, therefore its quality has been noticeabily reduced but its size results more suitable for a download. Take notice that though all the images are originally 300 dpi their resolution changes to 72 dpi which is the standard value for the jpeg images on the web and so its size grows artificially; after you download the image open it with your favourite image editor, change its resolution to 300 dpi without resampling and you will get its original size. Feel free to ask for a better quality cover if you are interested on a particular one.

The covers section is divided into five parts being: Main discography with all the original releases of new material; Extended discography with compilations , live recordings, reiusses, rarities and special editions; due to the extended number of singles releases they are splitted in two pages, one dedicated to Virgin releases and the other to his WEA stuff, both including official and rarities issues; and finally another with his video releases also containing other material such as collectors boxes and private collection.