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1992-2003: The WEA era
1992 > After having left Anita, Mike relocates to Los Angeles, signs to WEA with a new manager, Clive Banks. His first work for the new label is, of course, Tubular Bells II, released August 31, being a reworking of the themes from his first album.
> The piece is premiered at Edinburgh Castle at the end of Edinburgh Festival in September 4. The album reaches #1 worlwide being a great success. The video recording is released in October.
> Mike contributes to Kevin Ayers' new album Still Life With Guitar.
1993 > Mike takes Tubular Bells II on tour around the world, his first tour since 1984.
> Virgin releases a retrospective compilation called Elements in September. Many rare and unreleased tracks are promised but Mike vetoes most of these. There is also a Video Elements in October.
1994 > In April, asteroid 5656 Oldfield is named in Mike's honour.
> A new album, The Songs Of Distant Earth, is released in November 21. The album is based on a sci-fi novel of the same name by Arthur C. Clarke. This is the first album to contain a CD-ROM section.
1995 > The Songs Of Distant Earth is re-released with new CD-ROM content and award-winning video.
1996 > Mike moves to Ibiza, Spain and returns to celtic music. An assortment of new compositions and traditional songs, Voyager, is released in August 21.
1997 > Another compilation is released, this time called The Essential XXV, in October 1, inlcuding a teaser form his forthcoming album Tubular Bells III.
1998 > Mike moves back to London and poures his feelings into Tubular Bells III. Released in August 31 and premiered at the Horse Guard Parade in September 4. The video recording is released in October. Tubular Bells III is influenced by the sound of disco music he used to listen while he was in Ibiza.
1999 > After extensive use of computers on Tubular Bells III he goes back to guitars conceiving and recording an album entirely made of guitars, even the drums are made with midi guitars. Guitars is released in May 24.
> Mike goes again on Tour all across Europe with his Then & Now Tour.
> By the end of the year, now prolific Mike, has another album ready to be released, The Millennium Bell. It is premiered in a concert in Berlin in December 31 concluding with a spectacular lightshow conceived by Art In Heaven to commemorate the so wrong-called 'new millennium'.
2000 > Mike commences to work on his Virtual Reality Project. An idea first mentioned back in 1995.
> The Millennium Bell concert is released on video in February 2000. The performance is called The Art In Heaven Concert - Live In Berlin.
2001 > Virgin strikes back with another useless compilation, The Best Of Tubular Bells, released in June 4. Some tracks from TB2, TB3 and Millennimun Bells are included due to an agreement with WEA.
2002 > Another compilation sees the light, Collection, released in February 26 by Virgin trying. This compilation, like the previous one, is practically not promoted anywhere. Another useless effort from Virgin who seems to have very little respect to Mike's back catalogue.
> Mikes signs a three record contract with Warner Spain. Under his new label he releases Tres Lunas, clasified as a chill-out album. Released in June 3 it includes the first episode of virtual reality game MusicVR for PC also called Tres Lunas.
2003 > 30 years later Mike re-records Tubular Bells as 'he always wanted to be'. Mike always felt that Tubular Bells was recorded in a hurry, bad produced and mixed and with guitars out of tune, finally he gets his latest attempt to make his Opus 1 a perfect recording. The album, called Tubular Bells 2003, is released in May 26, exactly 30 years after the release of original recording. Mike takes advantage of new recording techniques and avoid mistakes and imperfections of the original album. The result is full of controversy between fans.
> At the same time a compilation box is also released, The Complete Tubular Bells, including full Tubular Bells 2003, Tubular Bells 2 and Tubular Bells 3 albums.
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