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1953-1971: The beginning
1953 > Michael Gordon Oldfield is born in Reading, England on May 15, 1953. His father, Raymond, a doctor of the British Army, teaches him a few notes on the guitar. His brother Terry and his sister Sally will became musicians too.
1960 > Mike watches Bert Weedon on TV and that makes him want to be a musician asking his father to buy him a guitar.
1963 > Mike begins to compose instrumental pieces on the acoustic guitar. He also goes to school and plays in local folk clubs as a teenager. He gets involved with electronic music playing instrumental pieces of The Shadows in an amateur beat group called White Knights.. Sallyangie
1966 > The Oldfield family moves to Romford in Essex.
1967 > He lefts school and with his sister Sally forms Sallyangie, a folk voice and guitar duo. Sallyangie name is the sum of his sister name and the name of Mike's favourite guitar tune 'Angie' as performed by Bert Jansch.
1968 > Sallyangie is signed up by the Transatlantic record label and the duo releases the album Children Of The Sun.
1969 > Sallyangie cames to end. Mike forms a short-live group called Barefeet with his brother Terry.
 > He joines as bass player with Kevin Ayers & the Whole Band with David Bedford on keyboards. Learning The Game
1970 > The Whole Band releases their first album Shooting At The Moon<.
1971 > Mike becames the lead guitarist of the group by the time of the second, and final, Whole World's album Whatevershebringswesing and encouraged by classically-trained David Bedford he begins to write the musical ideas that were to result in Tubular Bells which he tapes and sets off around the music industry.
> Mike plays the guitar on the house band of the London production Hair and the bass with a band lead by soul singer Arthur Lewis. The recording takes place at The Manor studio owned by Richard Branson, who was running Virgin, a sucessful record shop chain.
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